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Investments in PAMM portfolios

How PAMM Portfolio Works

A PAMM portfolio is several PAMM accounts combined into one entity. This type of investment allows diversifying the investor's risks, thanks to the ability to select PAMM accounts with the optimal ratio of potential risks and returns, as well as the desired investment volume.

How PAMM portfolios work:

  1. The manager forms a portfolio of individual PAMM accounts and invests his own funds in it, which makes his work more prudent. The portfolio manager can change the PAMM accounts that are included in his PAMM portfolio, as well as the share of each PAMM account in it, using both his own capital and the funds of attracted investors.

  2. The investor studies the efficiency of the portfolio managers on the site and invests in the PAMM portfolio he likes.

  3. The PAMM accounts included in the portfolio are traded. You can find out more about PAMM accounts in the section " How a PAMM Account Works ".

  4. Profits and losses are distributed in proportion to the amounts deposited between all members of the PAMM portfolio. In this case, the manager receives a remuneration in the form of a share of the profit of attracted investors.

    Source: " How PAMM Portfolio Works "

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I myself have been personally involved in the preparation of PAMM portfolios since 2012.
In the near future, I plan to update the presentation on the creation and management of a personal PAMM portfolio, as well as register it with Alpari for monitoring. For now, I will briefly state my approach to PAMM investing:

Over the years, I realized the following thing for myself, the less you twitch in the market, be it trading or pamm-investing, the better. Buffett also bequeathed this.

Of course, working with PAMM accounts it is difficult to achieve the same reliability as in the case of shares of proven global stock market companies, but nevertheless, there are decent managers.

Managers for whom the most important thing is not instant profitability and "quick" commission from investors, but stability of results when managing an account. By stability, first of all, I mean the behavior of a trader during stressful situations, or, more simply, drawdowns. As practice shows, if the manager begins to "jump" out of drawdowns by hook or by crook, adding / averaging, etc. This leads, as a rule, to one thing - the merging of the account, some earlier, some later. To protect the investor from such managers, I tried not to include traders with signs of martingale / averaging and other flawed trading systems in the portfolio. Although the ideal is certainly quite difficult to achieve ... but back to the main criterion - to stability.

Stability multiplied by the age of the account, of course, does not guarantee 100% protection of funds, but it makes the investment process more predictable and less resource-intensive, especially when it comes to nerves.

The portfolio that I plan to publish is a squeeze from a larger list of managers (about 30), the best of the best at the moment, in my humble opinion.

I will be glad to discuss your questions and suggestions!

All success in your investment!

How to invest correctly in PAMM accounts

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