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A few words about Myself

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Калманович Олег - руководитель школы трейдинга и инвестиций СПб

Welcome dear friends!

Let's get acquainted.
My name is Oleg Kalmanovich.

Born in 1985 in Leningrad, raised in Petersburg.
First Higher - Oriental Faculty of St. Petersburg State University.
The second is Economic. As fate willed, I got acquainted with forex at the brokerage company MASTERFOREX in 2010, and continued my acquaintance already at Alpari, the industry leader. During my work in it, I managed to collect, test and apply knowledge of Fin. markets in practice. Various stages of trading were passed - from the initial euphoria to complete disappointment, finally coming to meaningful trading. I specially created this site to share my best practices and exchange mutually beneficial experience with you.

Our site or, as I call it - the Club, is useful for those who are interested in trading on the Forex market; and is also looking for ways to wisely invest in the financial sector or start a full-fledged business.

A distinctive feature of our Club is PRACTICE. Daily, with the opening of real deals and the author's comments. You can be sure that none of your questions will be left without attention! Let's go, together we are POWER!

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