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Video tutorials from Marat Gazizov:

Teacher biography


Marat Amangeldyevich was born in 1965 and at the age of 28 he graduated from the Alma-Ata Medical Institute. However, after 3 years he became interested in forex trading and made his first deal. Over the next 10 years, his main goal was the study and practice of trading in the financial markets.

He began to engage in professional activity at the end of the 2000s. Distinctive features of Marat Amangyldievich's approach are practice and demonstration of real trading results - something that numerous coaches and "gurus" of the market can rarely boast of. Marat uses a simple and logical understanding of the laws of price movement, based on the theories of John Murphy, Linda Raschke, and the Elliott Wave Theory. There are no numerous and useless indicators - the work is carried out only with a live chart according to its own author's markup. Having familiarized yourself with the lessons of Marat Gazizov, you will improve your understanding of the market, which will allow you to achieve the best, and most importantly, stable results in this difficult financial area.

"Good luck, Friends, the road will be mastered by the one walking!" - Marat Gazizov

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Video lessons :


Торговая стратегия форекс Марата Газизова.

Марат Газизов. Разбор моих ошибок в торговли на форекс.





Правила формирования тренда и его разворота. Сигнал для входа в рынок.

Марат Газизов. Волны Вульфа и Три Маленьких Индейца на форексе

Марат Газизов. Применения Волн Эллиота и  Уровней Фибо на форексе










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