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Expert Advisors and Indicators

A selection of author's advisors and indicators for trading automation.



You can download the trading program Here

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Indicator of pivot levels. Automatically detects support and resistance levels for the day. The most important level - pivots - is the pivot point for the current trend, higher - buy, lower - sell .

Pattern 1-2-3

The indicator automatically detects and draws one of the most popular 123 reversal patterns, showing the direction of opening a trade with an arrow

WATL - trend indicator

Determines how the current trend is highlighted in purple, and other patterns, price movement patterns. It is useful to combine it with a level indicator to confirm signals.


Indicator of trend channels. Advantages - channels of both lower and higher order are visible on the current timeframes. Alternative to Elder's 3 screens.

Lot - AutoRR
управление капиталом.jpg

The indicator displays on the chart the recommended lot size from the risk you specified. Plus possible profit and loss on the transaction and the pip value for the selected currency pair.

Option Profit

Fully automated Expert Advisor based on the indicator of the same name by option levels.
More details:


An advisor for automatic tracking of your open deal. Allows you to set a breakeven, set a trailing stop, and also close a part of the deal after a certain number of points have passed

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